"This is Australia"
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"This is Australia"

Getty Images, in partnership with Canon, are putting together a new "This Is Australia" collection of stock imagery and we are inviting you to help create it.

If you are an Aussie photographer shooting on Canon - and if you'd like to earn extra income from your photography skills and passion - read on for details on how to take part.

This is an opportunity to be a part of an important project that captures the Australia of today, and we are excited for you to join us.

What is "This is Australia" collection

Do you love capturing your friends and family in all their authenticity? Do you like finding interesting moments in everyday life that tell a story?

Australian life is unique, diverse and wonderful. It's real. And with the changes driven by social media, more and more brands are looking for authentic, candid imagery that reflects daily life in Australia - which is where you come in.

If you become a contributor for this collection, you will also be able to take part in special events and photo shoots that will be organised by Canon and Getty Images throughout the year, to support you in learning how to shoot stock and learning new skills.

What imagery are we looking for?

Imagery that is most likely to be used in stock is lifestyle imagery that can depict many concepts – togetherness, innovation, love, collaboration etc. – and will resonate with our marketing clients and their audiences.

Throughout the year, “This is Australia” Shoot Briefs will be specially created by our Creative Research team, based on customer needs, to help our contributors get better revenue opportunities by shooting what’s in demand.

Here’s an overview of themes we will be covering in these briefs. With the diversity of topics and possible scenarios, you can shoot what you know or try something new.

How to get involved:

1. Apply to become a Getty Images contributor on this site (see below).

2. If approved, you will be invited to enroll as a contributor, and will get access to our submission platform ESP to upload your images for stock sales. You will be provided links to 'This is Australia' briefs and can start uploading your existing and new photos for licensing on Getty Images.

3. Start earning money when your content is used!

Before applying, please read this contributor information pack about Getty Images and shooting stock photography (includes FAQ).

How to apply:

1. Select 6 images to represent your best work. We are looking for a selection that corresponds to the lifestyle theme: everyday life as well as easy conceptual images that can help tell many stories. View examples. We prioritise photographers with a potential and desire to work with people in model-released lifestyle scenarios. Please do not submit street photography when people have not given you the permission to photograph them.

2. Upload your 6 images in jpeg format (under 2gb per file) on this site. Your images must be shot on a Canon camera.
Please note that model and property releases are not required for your application.

3. You should expect to hear from us within 2 weeks if you're accepted.
If you are successful, you will receive an email invitation confirming that we've invited you to contribute to Getty Images, and containing instructions how to complete enrollment. That email will contain the link to our submission platform ESP - you will no longer need to return to this application site. Please check your spam/junk folders as the email can occasionally be placed there.

4. Apply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to be invited to special events in June and July and a chance to take part in produced shoots with art directors from Getty Images London, as part of 'This is Australia' program. 

This page may occasionally be offline to review existing applications. If you see that the registration is temporarily unavailable, check again the following day.

*Please note: if you are an existing Getty Images or iStock contributor, you don’t need to apply on this site. You can start uploading your content – shot on Canon – directly in ESP via the available briefs, for the inclusion in ‘This is Australia’ collection. Simply search "canon" in What to Shoot section on the Contributior Community website.

What is Stock Licensing?

All content in the 'This is Australia' collection must be uploaded exclusively to Getty Images as royalty-free stock photography. It is important to understand what a royalty-free license is and how the imagery you submit can be used by our customers.

When a customer downloads your image file from Getty Images, they're buying a standard licence that lets them use the file for any personal, business or commercial purposes. Customers can use your content in advertising, marketing, apps, websites, social media, TV and film, presentations and product packaging, among hundreds of other uses. Your images will help brands and organisations tell their stories.

Before applying, please read this contributor information pack about Getty Images and shooting stock photography (includes FAQs).

For questions, please reach out to us on

Please note, that by applying you agree to be contacted by Getty Images and Canon in relation to "This is Australia" program participation and events.